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Mystery Gift: an Original Pok​é​mon Tribute

by Ben Briggs

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Broadcasting from Chrome City, the theme song to your childhood, and the most popular radio station in Audiova! You've been listening every day for as long as you can remember, and you're finally old enough to enter the famous Pokémon Giveaway! Every month, two lucky children from the same town are randomly selected to be visited by Professor Oak himself and allowed to choose from three Pokémon. You can only hope that you win such a wonderful opportunity...
Wave Island 04:25
Your beautiful small-town home, full of friendly faces and relaxing tropical scenery. Lapras & Company, a ferry service, allows people and their Pokémon to come and go as they please. While you love your life on the island, you've always dreamed of something more. What luck! You can't believe it, but you (and your loud-mouthed rival, Forte) have won the Mystery Gift Pokemon Giveaway! Though both of your parents prefer water Pokémon (as does most everyone on the island), you will have the choice of two other types as well. Think carefully, as your new friend will have the greatest impact on your early adventures... Starter Pokemon: Pichu, Diglett, and Azurill
Having received your first Pokémon, this lush forest at the southernmost region of Wave Island now represents a rite of passage for you and your young rival. Home to tropical grass, water and bug-type Pokémon, frequent ocean mists cause rainbows to regularly form overhead. If you and your Pokémon can get through the jungle, you'll be ready to leave the island and begin your quest...
With your new Pokémon team by your side, you travel inland and arrive at Haunted Swamp. Said to be where lost souls and mischevious Pokémon go to thrive, this dark and muggy marsh is home to an army of ghost-type Pokémon. You and your team quickly learn that things are not always what they seem, as you witness another trainer's Pokémon being kidnapped! This is your first encounter with the infamous Team Silence...
Chrome City 04:00
Home to the Mystery Gift Radio Tower, Silver Stadium, and a huge selection of different item shops (including a shady casino), Chrome City is the central heartbeat of Audiova. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle of this vibrant metropolis, but you are soon forced to deal with Team Silence's henchmen once again. After many battles, you learn that their goal is to kidnap the world's Pokémon and steal their cries! You and your team immediately decide to locate their secret headquarters and put a stop to the inhumane treatment of Pokémon all across Audiova!
You have finally left behind the last haven of peace and comfort. The air is clouded with dust, and the only sign of civilization is now nothing more than an abandoned train station. Without a Pokémon Center in sight, you and your Pokémon must stock up on valuable items to survive your trek through this arid wasteland. As usual, you are surprised at the worst possible moment by Forte, who insists on a battle despite your team's weakened condition. Will your journey really come to such an abrupt end?
After dramatically defeating your rival, you reach the final chapter of your adventure. Thankfully, there is a small village nearby that includes a Pokémon center and item shop, but don't be fooled: only the strongest trainers will be able to handle the heat of this path through an active volcano. Between fire-breathing Pokémon, lava pits, and the persistent efforts of Team Silence to hinder your progress, you and your friends are surely in for the challenge of a lifetime!
This giant subterranean facility is occupied by Team Silence's upper management and scientists. Courage pushes you forward as you battle dozens of the team's strongest members, and you can feel your destiny drawing near. Eventually, you fight your way to the inner laboratories, where the Pokémon cry extraction process is exposed in full, terrifying detail. Will you defeat the leader of Team Silence and free the Pokémon from their muted prisons, or will the power of darkness prove too overwhelming?


This is an all-original album, designed to sound like a video game soundtrack. What started as only music quickly became a full expression of my love for the Pokémon franchise and what it meant to my childhood.

Don't forget to click "lyrics" next to the tracks to see the places and events from my Pokéverse! I hope it sparks your imagination :D

-Ben Briggs

Album art by Izzy - twitter.com/ArtistIzzy


released April 16, 2013

All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by Benjamin Briggs.
Album artwork by Izzi Rae: twitter.com/izzi8bit
Briggs Logo by David Scatliffe aka Scattle.
Typography by Kevin Villecco of Villecco Media.

Pokémon is copyright Nintendo and Game Freak.

All artwork and music is original. No copyright infringement is intended by this fan work.




Ben Briggs Florida

Full-time musician, entertainer, and DJ best known for remixing video game music. Co-Founder and Dad of Tiny Waves.

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