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Twitch Jams

by Ben Briggs

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Bard of Snow
Bard of Snow thumbnail
Bard of Snow Been following Ben for a few years, and this is definitely some of his best work. All of the songs on here are gold. Favorite track: Love The Game.
Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson thumbnail
Evan Anderson Perfect blend of nostalgia and hype Favorite track: Super Mario World - No Yoshis Allowed.
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams thumbnail
Nicholas Williams Been listening to this album at work a lot and all of it is great but I keep coming back to Benji Needs a Lawyer. Nice and smooth. Been a fan Since Bootleg Circuit, keep up the awesome work! Favorite track: Benji Needs A Lawyer.
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor thumbnail
Anthony Taylor It's hard to pick a favorite track. Support the artist if you can! Favorite track: EarthBound Sounds.
Chad Garvin
Chad Garvin thumbnail
Chad Garvin It's basically a Ben Briggs Greatest Hits album. Two hours, 32 tracks of nostalgic, danceable music that's great for both active listening and background distractions. Favorite track: Super Mario 64 - I Know That Feel.
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Troll 4 Life 03:51
CryptoFunk 04:30
Wave Island 04:25
Chrome City 04:00
Methods 05:32
"Oh no, sir... we prefer doing things our own way." -Fox McCloud
It's stimulating. Mind-expanding. It's the "in" thing. The hula hoop of the Jet Generation. ...dirty disbelievers. The evil disbelievers. Evil! You can see my name if you look hard enough. My hair is green and I'm a tree! Even if your body does die, your mind will live on... Make the right decision.
Don't let it go to waste don't let it go to waste, no don't let it go to waste, nooooo 'cause it's not too late
please do not remove the memory card or turn the power off I'm saving you tonight
If you're feeling like you're beaten discouraged and defeated remember you're still living and the world can be forgiving I know If you're feeling like you're broken crash landed and smoking you just dig through the wreckage and take what you can salvage and go, just go Because chances are you've got the heart to make it through I believe in you Just let it go because you ought to know nothing goes according to plan
Yes (Maybe) 02:46
I may not be able to let go of you I will not be able to say no to you whenever you call, if you ever call I'll take another chance if you ever call, if you ever call I'll take another chance I'll take another chance...


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Need tunes for your Twitch or YouTube channel? Twitch Jams has you covered with OVER 2 HOURS of music across 30 tracks! Satisfy your hunger for geeky background music while safely avoiding the terrors of Content ID! All you need to do:

1. Pay what you think is a fair price for the album.
2. Give clear and proper credit to me, Ben Briggs.
3. Provide your audience with a link to twitchjams.com.

That's it! Fulfill those requirements and you're good to go! If you really want to help, download the Twitch Jams Banner for your channel (300x150 PNG): bit.ly/1JEf7TY and link it to twitchjams.com.

Note: 6 of these tracks have never been released for download on benbriggs.net! If you've been waiting to download Banjo Briggs, I Know That Feel, FALCON PUNCH, PK STARSTORM, I Believe In You, or Yes (Maybe), now's your chance!

HUGE shoutouts to my Twitch and YouTube viewers, aka The Briggade; without your support over the last 12 hours I would have died trying to finish this compilation. Thank you to all my supporters on every network; without you I would have nothing to show for all of my effort. You continue to make my hobby a full-time dream job, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I hope this album can improve your channel, no matter how big or small, put a smile on your viewers' faces, and inspire creativity wherever it is heard. Thank you in advance for your downloads and donations; it really does mean the world to me.

With love and sincerity,



released September 4, 2015

Original artwork by my fantastic viewer Anthony, aka KillerGymSox.

Promotional Video by Rei: youtube.com/reivax1010pr0

Performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Benjamin Briggs unless otherwise noted in individual track credits.

This album is not affiliated with or endorsed by Twitch. Its only purpose is to provide content creators and gamers with quality music that is relevant to their audience. No copyright infringement is intended by this fan-made work.




Ben Briggs Florida

Full-time musician, entertainer, and DJ best known for remixing video game music. Co-Founder and Dad of Tiny Waves.

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